2014 Alfalfa Lineup


Combines High Quality Seed with Strong Winter Hardy Ratings

Seedbiotics' Advanced Seed Coatings on YieldMater RR, Lightning IV, and LH brand products

  1. Apron® XL protects seedlings from most damping off diseases
  2. Durable and dust-free for improved appearance
  3. Nutrient package aids in stand establishment
  4. Contains high concentrations of high performance nitrogen- ixing bacteria
  5. Promotes healthier plants to create more top growth and tillering of plants — faster spreading and earlier coverage of bare areas
  6. Increased seed and seedling survival rates
  7. Improved root development
  8. Increased likelihood of stand establishment under adverse conditions

Disease Score
Rated on a Scale of 30 Alfalfa Pest Resistance Ratings
% Resistance Plants
0-5% Susceptible (S)
6-14% Low Resistance (LR)
15-30% Mod. Resistance (MR)
31-50% Resistance (R)
51%+ High Resistance (HR)

4R416 Brand

Key Strengths

  • Excellent multi-pest resistance and winterhardiness
  • Excellent RFQ and mil/acre characteristics
  • Excellent yield and quality
  • Fast regrowth after cutting
  • Roundup Ready technology for superior crop safety and healthier, faster growing stands

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Lightning IV VARIETY

Key Strengths

  • Lightning IV is the newest generation of alfalfa that combines later fall dormancy, excellent winter hardiness, fast recovery after cutting, and excellent forage yield potential.
  • Extremely high fiber digestibility potential for tremendous RFQ and milk/acre.
  • High multi-foliate expression greatly improves forage quality.
  • Scores a perfect 30 out of 30 in the Wisconsin disease rating index.

J-50 Plus Brand Blend

Key Strengths

  • Great winter hardiness can help withstand variable soil and weather conditions.
  • Provides multiple pest resistance and high forage yield potential.
  • Best suited for short to medium rotations.
  • Excellent choice for good performance at an economical price.

YieldMasterRR Variety

Key Strengths

  • Roundup Ready® technology for superior crop safety and healthier, faster growing stands.
  • Excellent yield potential with high forage quality.
  • Broad disease resistance package and excellent winter hardiness for the upper Midwest.
  • Fall dormancy rating of 4 for increased tonnage and fast regrowth.
  • High multi-leaf expression elevates Relative Feed Value.
  • Very good resistance to Pea Aphid and Spotted Alfalfa Aphid.

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