2014 Grain Corn Lineup

Base Relative MaturityGDU's Mid PollenGDU's Black LayerEmergenceVigorRoot StrengthStalk StrengthDrought Tolerance
4D101RIB Brand Blend811,1362,00033333
4D110RIB Brand Blend821,1362,00022234
3236RR Brand841,1602,15032333
4D155RIB Brand Blend841,1652,10033334
4D236RIB Brand Blend841,1602,15032333
4D184RIB Brand Blend851,1732,12533333
7S191RIB Brand Blend851,1732,12522324
7V191 Brand Blend851,1732,12522324
7V242RIB Brand Blend861,1732,12522344
4D289RIB Brand Blend891,1952,20043233
7S294RIB Brand Blend891,2022,22532223
2316 Brand901,2002,22522333
3316RR Brand901,2002,22522333
7S316RIB Brand Blend901,2002,22522333
7S328RIB Brand Blend921,2172,27533434
3378RR Brand931,2302,35032343
7S366RIB Brand Blend931,2402,35033344
4D378RIB Brand Blend931,2302,35032343
7S366RIB Brand Blend931,2402,35033344
4D386RIB Brand Blend941,2302,34032333
7S417RIB Brand Blend951,2472,40022344
7S405RIB Brand Blend951,2402,35033233
3429RR Brand961,2302,35033333
7S429RIB Brand Blend961,2302,35033333
4D430RIB Brand Blend961,2472,37522343
7S435RIB Brand Blend971,2452,52533334
7S444RIB Brand Blend971,2622,42522333
4D454RIB Brand Blend981,2602,44033333
7S457RIB Brand Blend981,2622,42533344
3499RR Brand991,2752,47542324
7V499RIB Brand9942324
7S506RIB Brand Blend1001,2752,47522333
7S540RIB Brand Blend1011,2912,52532344
7S512RIB Brand Blend1011,2912,52532234
7S522RIB Brand Blend1011,2952,55033333
4D520RIB Brand Blend1021,2602,56033454
7S555RIB Brand Blend1021,2602,56034343
7S565RIB Brand Blend1031,3052,57533233
7S577RIB Brand Blend1041,3052,57533343
4D582RIB Brand Blend1051,3262,65033233
7S642RIB Brand Blend1061,3332,67533433
7S671RIB Brand Blend1071,3332,67543232
3635RR Brand1071,3402,72533333
7S681RIB Brand Blend1081,3402,78033333
7S711RIB Brand Blend1101,3652,77544333
7S744RIB Brand Blend1111,3732,80023434
7S777RIB Brand Blend11233334
Numerical Ratings Scale
Very Good
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