Are seed treatments effective against the same insects as below ground traits?

Occasionally, there is confusion between the insects that are controlled with various Bayer trait packages and the insects that are controlled by the insecticide applied to the seed as a component of Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions. Below-ground trait packages are only effective against corn rootworm larvae (northern, western, and Mexican) while above-ground trait packages are effective against several different species of caterpillars. Insecticides used with seed treatments provide control against several soil-dwelling insect pests as well as some above-ground pests early in the season.

What insecticide is available on the corn seed products from Bayer? 


The seed treatment applied to the corn seed is clothianidin (Poncho® insecticide) and, depending on which level of Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions product is used, clothianidin is either applied alone (BASIC and ELITE offerings) or in combination with VOTiVO® insecticide (BASIC plus or ELITE plus). Clothianidin is available at 3 different rates of application, 250 (0.25 mg active ingredient/kernel), 500 (0.50 mg active ingredient /kernel), or 1250 (1.25 mg active ingredient /kernel) depending on the corn product. Products with SmartStax® technology come with either the BASIC plus or ELITE plus offering, which has the 500 rate of application. Most non-SmartStax products come with the BASIC or ELITE offering at the 250 rate of application. The 1250 rate is available on certain products. Please consult with your Bayer seed representative to determine what Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions product is available for the corn seed product you wish to buy.

What insects are controlled with the Bayer seed treatments on corn products? 


The insects listed below are labeled for control depending on the rate of application1




What insects are controlled with the SmartStax® RIB Complete®, VT Double PRO® RIB Complete®, and the Trecepta® RIB Complete® corn brand blend products?2


Is there duplication of control of the insect pests between the Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions products and the various trait packages in Bayer seed products?


While there is some duplication between the two, like corn rootworm larvae controlled by the 1250 rate and by the trait package provided in SmartStax RIB complete brand corn products, most of the other major seed and seedling pests are not controlled by the trait packages in Bayer seed products. Additionally, many of the seed and seedling pest populations are difficult to predict and sampling programs have not been developed to determine if the populations have reached the economic threshold.



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