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We understand the importance of using local data to address local issues. Our team analyzes this data to unlock insights, develop our product and system recommendations, and find new solutions for your operation. With our agronomic research data, we can provide you with greater confidence in how our products perform on your fields. See how we are delivering innovations to help you address challenges you may encounter during the growing season.

Comparison of Row Spacing by Management Practice

Trial Objective: Generation of farm revenue requires the optimization of production inputs in a sustainable manner. Over the years, advances in agronomic research, including crop protection, germplasm, nutrition, and equipment technologies, have benefited farmers with more inputs than ever before.

Nitrogen Placement During Sidedressing

Trial Objective: Nitrogen is a major investment in corn production and its placement influences nitrogen uptake by the crop and subsequent potential yield.

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Jung Seed Genetics provides corn, soybeans, alfalfa, wheat and silage seed for Wisconsin.

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Data-Driven Breeding

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